Container Liner Services
We are committed to shipping our customers’ cargo in the safest and most efficient manner.
PIL’s operations now encompass services to many major hub ports around the world. PIL is always looking for opportunities to expand its network in global container shipping industry and has successfully entered into main line trades to Canada and America.
In addition, PIL has a solid network of container liner services covering the whole of the Far East to Europe, the Black Sea, Canada, the Indian sub-continent, the Red Sea/Gulf, Africa, Oceania, Latin America and the West Coast of USA. PIL was one of the first few liners to provide a link from Asia and the Middle East, to Africa.
Special Cargo
By leveraging on our experience with containerisation, we also provide various solutions for special cargo carriage.

Generally defined as cargo that is over-sized and/or over-weight, and cannot be fitted into ISO standard container boxes, PIL has positioned itself to embrace OOG (Out-Of-Gauge) and UC (Un-Containerised) cargo from our customer’s diverse businesses, be it oil and gas exploration, construction projects, yacht deliveries, or others.

Our vessels are deployed into liner services with extensive global reach, ensuring our customer’s projects run on time, on target. Our Build-Own-Operate approach to equipment management dictates that our entire fleet of container boxes / special equipment manufactured by our sister company, Singamas, are built to our exacting specifications and quality to achieve CSC Safety Approval: the seal of utmost safety for the sea-carriage of our customer’s cargo. Expertise from our dedicated team at Special Cargo Desk executes individual stowage instructions for each and every special cargo on our vessels. The end result is minimisation of utilised space and cost for our customers, thereby maximising their business margins.

Dangerous Cargo
At PIL, we grow with our customers. Wherever business takes them, we work to support their needs. From industrial chemicals and raw materials, to manufactured products like consumer electronics, to perishable goods for human consumption, PIL is committed to shipping our customers’ cargo in the safest and most efficient manner.
When it comes to shipping our customer’s dangerous cargo, as defined by IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) Code, PIL’s commitment to cargo movement in the safest and most efficient manner is achieved by tapping into our extensive PIL global network. We are able to provide expertise advice for the fulfillment of port operational and local territorial legal requirements. All these will be carried out via safety-centric operations that ensure utmost adherence to the IMDG Code, including cargo stowage and segregation requirements on our vessels. Our dedicated team at Dangerous Goods Desk will give our customer’s shipments unceasing attention and manage them with priority.