PIL Collaborated with IFC in Maritime Security Exercise
28 September 2021

PIL collaborated with the Information Fusion Centre in maritime security exercise

PIL was recently involved in a ship security drill that carried out anti-piracy scenarios, with vessels Kota Nanhai and HR Hera, in a joint effort with the Republic of Singapore Navy’s Information Fusion Centre (IFC). This exercise highlights some of the risks that crew onboard a ship may encounter while out at sea. As LTC Lester Yong, Head of IFC said “Piracy remains one of the primary concerns for merchant vessels. This is also one of IFC’s key areas of interest and we are glad to have the opportunity to work with partners like PIL to strengthen operational processes for more effective responses against maritime security threats at sea.”

What happens next?

During the simulated scenarios, PIL’s Company Security Officer (CSO) called the IFC to inform them of the Ship Master's sightings of small crafts approaching the two vessels. The IFC provided advisory for the masters to adopt anti-boarding measures, which includes preparing fire hoses that could set off pressurized water at potential perpetrators trying to board the vessels. IFC quickly alerted the relevant authorities as both PIL’s vessels and crew were in imminent danger.

“SHOTS ARE FIRED!” The CSO reported to IFC Duty Officer that the 2nd Officer was hit on the right shoulder and bled profusely. IFC coordinated with the relevant agency for a helicopter MEDEVAC for the injured officer to get treatment back in Singapore. Through IFC's coordination, naval vessels were deployed to the incident area and averted a potential sea piracy incident. This successful event was made possible by the quick action adopted by all parties involved - PIL’s crew, CSO, the IFC and the authorities.

“PIL is happy to have worked with IFC on this maritime security exercise, as such exercises are vital in ensuring that our crew is ready to deal with difficult security situations at sea,” said Capt Peng Chu Xing, Deputy General Manager and Head, Quality, Safety and Security of PIL.

The ship’s officer attends to injured 2nd officer (simulated) while waiting for helicopter to arrive.