Starting Your Career in Seafaring
Pacific International Lines is proud to be a truly International team.
We are a Singapore-rooted Global Citizen, spanning virtually every ocean and continent in ship voyages as well as crew culture - China, India, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Australasia.
Job Description
Specialise in navigation, management of crew, passengers and cargo, search and rescue, overall safety accounting and naval liaison.
Most senior in Deck is the Captain/Master, who also holds overall command of a ship.
Are the ones we trust for thrust – the masters of the engines and all other shipboard electromechanical systems, from air-conditioning to water purification to cargo cranes and more.
Counterpart of Master/Captain by seniority, the Chief Engineer controls a ship’s costly lifeblood – fuels and lubricants.
Are specialist assistants supporting Officers’ leadership. Ratings form the muscle and backbone of our seafaring workforce, expertly implementing manual details of higher planning and taking charge of basic maintenance routines.
Catering Department Ratings in particular perform one “life-support routine function” better than everybody else – making delicious meals for the entire crew.
Similar to the Chief Engineer, the Chief Cook is “Chief Steward” of fuels and lubricants, but a different kind – food, drink and overall nutrition for every one of his crewmates.
Catering Ratings must master this matter close to every seaman’s heart (the stomach of course), feeding “human engines” to yield the very best human energy on every ship.
Interested applicants may send a detailed resume, enclosing copies of educational qualifications and a recent photo to: