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"It's one of the easiest and quickest of all the shipping lines. Its perfect".

Customer from Cape Town, South Africa

"myPIL is very convenient that we can book vessel & apply DG PM4 for approval at anytime & anywhere"

Customer from Singapore

"myPIL made our life easier in the booking process, vessel schedules & container tracking."

Customer from Egypt

"Working is very fast & improve service level, quickly revert & take necessary action, It's great system update."

Customer from India

"The electronic system offered by PIL (eService 2.0) is great to use, very easy to work with and most important safe as it has 2FA Authorization Code, the first shipping line I see using it. Keep up the good work and I look forward for the coming release with updates of good features for all users."

Customer from Brazil

"Hi, We find the systems easy to navigate and overall user friendly."

Customer from Australia

"Overall, the web speed is improving."

Customer from China