Our Objectives and Initiatives
PIL's Kota Lambang took part in Australian Defence Force (AFD)'s maritime counter terrorist and anti-piracy exercise at Port of Fremantle, Australia
29th April, 2020

29 Apr/0512hrs LT: Commenced training exercise.

Parties involved

  • M.V. Kota Lambang
  • 2 x ADF Skiffs / Speed boats with 10-12 personnels per boat.
  • 1 x support boat “Coral Snake”

2 skiffs approached from port bow and followed vsl from right astern. Support boat approached from stbd bow & stby at stbd qtr.

2 skiffs switched-off all their lights and approached at hight speed from vsl’s port & stbd side, simulating hooking a ladder for boarding using a pole.

Clearing the vsl and approaching at high speed to hook a ladder was carried-out multiple times until completion of training exercise.

Pole hoisted-up with ladder connected and ready to hook on shipside.

ADF skiff alongside own vsl.

ADF skiff alongside own vsl.

29Apr/0558hrs LT: training exercise was completed before vsl exits Fremantle port limit and all three boats cleared from own vsl.

Completion confirmation by ADF on VHF Ch.12.