Seafaring Careers
LeaderShip with Class is the hallmark of PIL Fleet Officers – the select few stationed on our ships with direct responsibility for ship and cargo, right at the frontlines of our competitive trade.
Sea Seminars
Sea Seminars are held yearly in 4 of our anchor business nodes - China, India, Myanmar and Singapore, where officers are brought up to speed on wider pan-industry developments. Experts from other specialised maritime sectors and services share unique insights that broaden our officers’ perspectives, and cultivate their appreciation of macro-technical/economic issues spanning all of shipping. Officers share invaluable in-depth feedback with shore management to sharpen our operational competitive edge. This is professional networking, learning and bonding at its finest for actively sailing officers.
Rigorous Training
Rigorous Training is our faithful investment in human capital. Our officers are constantly enriched in the most relevant and current operational skills. We regularly support their completion of programs and courses such as: 3D Megaship Handling Simulation, Command Navigation, Senior Engineer Leadership Assessment Program, Senior (Deck) Officer Leadership Assessment Program, Hydraulic Control System & Breakdown Management, Wartsila X-7/92 Type-Specific Advanced Electronic-Control Engine Management, Bridge and Engine Room Resource Management, Strategic Negotiation, Maritime Cybersecurity, Advanced Anti-Piracy etc.

PIL is all about passionate career PILotage - grooming our officers to deliver their very finest professional performance on our fleet, everywhere, everytime.
Hear From Our Seafaring Crew

"I tried other careers before, but they never satisfied me. PIL has kept my hunger strong and passion fresh. I love my work and community at PIL."

Thaniarasu Sannasi, Captain (with PIL since cadetship), Singapore

"Our Promise | Your Satisfaction
Our Purpose | Your Synergy
Our People | Your Symphony
Our Precision | Your Safety"

Koo Wei Loon, Fourth Officer, Singapore

"A sure triple-A company, PIL sets highest standards in training and talent grooming, giving us all equal meritocratic opportunity regardless of background.

PIL: Professional Inspirational Livelihood."

Benjamin Yip, Fourth Officer, Singapore

"Without career 'floatation and propulsion' from PIL, we would still be 'stranded in dry dock' without so much as a keel. PIL believed and invested in us when other employers were cold and sceptical. We warmly welcome quality professionals, new customers and global investors to join our enterprise of Faithful Yield and Unyielding Faith. PIL is 'Singapore SeaLines - A great way to Sail'."

Z J Fu, Engine Cadet, Singapore

"I am very proud to serve with PIL. Dreams come true with PIL."

Nyi Nyi Win Myint, Captain, Myanmar

"PIL employs cosmopolitan multinational crews, but PIL treats us all very fairly as One United Nation."

Saw Ray Noe Dee, Captain, Myanmar

"I have sailed with PIL for almost 28 years, proud and pleased with our work all the way. "

Ohn Htay, Captain, Myanmar

"PIL has been our safe haven during the COVID-19 pandemic, caring and conscientious towards crew , especially in the difficult matter of crew relief/change. "

Nyi Nyi Htut, Captain, Myanmar

"To me personally:
PIL means Precious Investment for Life."

Kyaw Lin Oo, Second Officer, Myanmar

"I have sailed with PIL since 1989, always with pride and confidence.
I love the PIL motto "Our Promise, Your Satisfaction" - true to staff as to customers. "

Chit Nyo Oo, Chief Engineer, Myanmar

"PIL is a world leader in shipping I am proud to be part of.
PIL has given me outstanding career opportunity and progress since I started out in 2004."

Sundaramoorthy Suvendran, Chief Officer, Sri Lanka

"I confidently recommend PIL to every aspiring seafarer. One thing I particularly admire in PIL is the ability to manage teams remotely. Work is Enjoyment. at PIL. "

Kisumin Anthony, Greaser, Sri Lanka

"I am proud to be a member of the PIL family, 5 years and counting. I am especially grateful to my local PIL office ( PMA Colombo) and Capt Hemasinghe for this chance to work even during the COVID19 pandemic. My company is among the best in the world. I love it!"

Lahiru Sandaruwan, Able-bodied Seaman, Sri Lanka

"Diverse workplace with equal opportunity.
Highly supportive and encouraging environment."

Vikram Jeet Singh, Captain (with PIL since cadetship), India

"My 10 years (as at Dec2020) with PIL has been a wonderful experience.
My sense of belonging here is strong and steadily strengthening.
Work and life are well-balanced and highly satisfying.
I am proud to sail here. Thank you PIL for this opportunity. "

Yash Chopra, Chief Officer (with PIL since cadetship), India

"Before PIL, I only knew success in my dreams.
PIL spurred me to work hard and turn that to solid reality.
Dreams come true with PIL."

Nitish Gupta, 2nd Officer (with PIL since cadetship), India

"PIL has been a fostering parent to her staff.
Our bond will stay long and strong. "

Shafqat Sattar, Captain, Pakistan

"PIL gave me a chance when I was young and inexperienced.
During the Covid-19 crisis, PIL inspired us to work with zeal.
I am proud to be a part of the PIL family."

Abou Bakar Shakir, Electrical Engineer, Pakistan

"Joining PIL is the best decision of my career.
Here I have security and peace of mind.
Thank you PIL for helping me achieve my goals and dreams."

Faizan Ahmed Roghay, Second Engineer, Pakistan