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In PIL, we strive to match the right people to the right roles.
Explore a wide array of functions in PIL, from shipping commercial and operations, to our corporate functions.
Hear From Our Staff

"PIL is more than just a workplace for me - it is a school and also most importantly, a home. Throughout my previous rotations around the company, I’ve learnt the importance of patience and support, patience in passing on knowledge, and also supporting each other at all times. Given how strongly linked the departments are, it is always essential for the departments / teams to work together to achieve the best possible results. Work may be challenging at times, but with time, effort and support, these challenges will turn out to be essential knowledge that we can apply at work and in life."

Darren Chia (Management Associate)

"Started my career in PIL, I have worked at Sea and in Office. I currently oversee and manage the vessels' technical operations within the global context. I have always wanted to work in a dynamic environment and PIL provides me the platform to work in such an arena. The biggest challenges faced in my role are time pressure and optimizing the approaches to technical issues in relation to ship operation. To cope with such fast moving dynamics, we need a collective effort and here, our team delivers with dedication. In PIL, it is not just in our achievements that we find our measure, but in the way we rise to the challenges and this is my greatest satisfaction."

Habib Mohammad Iftekar Zaman (Assistant General Manager- Technical, Fleet Division, Technical Department)

"The dynamic and fast-paced environment in PIL drives thinking on the feet, which can be challenging and yet fulfilling at times. Engaging with various stakeholders in my role not only adds vibrancy to the job, it also creates opportunities to connect and build relationships along the way."

Sara Tan (Senior Executive, Liner Division,Trade Department)

"Empowerment. Teamwork. Friendship.

That's PIL to me. We strive towards the best and most practical outcome. The network you gain is invaluable, the skills you hone are endless. Try, take that step and you will find unlimited rewards. Grow and be the best you can with us."

Jocelyn Soo, (Deputy Manager, Corporate Division, Human Capital Management Department)